dickwet, yes

I once knew a man named You Will Never Believe This!
Who moved so fast on my body, it was sinful, made me spin!
And he called me a tease
When I didn’t concede to release
So I decided to give him something nice to appease and treat him.

I wrote him a story about him unwrapping me head to toe
It was racy, and edgy, and romantic, sexy and bold.
His reaction was complacent
His response was non-existent
He said “I’m a man of action” and that was it: no further comment?

So the time came for You Will Never Believe This! to plan his action.
He said, “I’m all yours this weekend,” and so I gave a plan, suggestions!
He wrote: “I’ll get back to you later”
Nothing more, left me hanging there
I was so unimpressed by the lack of romance, interest and imagination.

And I remembered the times men loved me hard and moved mountains!
To be with me cast a million pennies around the world’s water fountains!
For a kiss, for my hand in
For a touch, for my understanding
Men’s attention persisting beyond the immediate goal of getting their dick wet, yes.

Sylvie Hill 2017