She Bends The 180

bored woman

She Bends The 180

The irony here is that when the smart girl notices
The man’s relationship potential is nil
She may very well change over to the Dark Side still
And adjust accordingly as Friends With Benefits.

Fine by her – she’ll get some tail!
He suggests he’s good in bed – how can this fail?!
He spoke of being honest; shit, now you’re fucked.
How do you say: “I’d just like to use you for a roll about, man.”

But he will have none of that talk!
He will express his appreciation for you and then some!
He will proclaim “casual sex” is off the table!
And certainly present as a Knight and as stable!

Then you’re both screwed – and not in proper fashion.
The man starts out casual and then develops some emotion?
While the woman blamed for being intense like a woman
sorts it with reasoning, checks out, seeks sexual compensation.

After all – mind as well call in some favours
For listening to all his stuff and him never listening to yours.
But that bit about him not liking cheaters
Shit, you’ll get busted if he finds out you’re using him…

Will he be mad – or is this some reverse psychology?
The salesman pitch to get a tender girl to bend to a detached 180?
Denying her casual sex offer on the table makes him look tender.
She yawns at the irony of what he calls the “mating dance”: it’s over.

Sylvie Hill 2017