You Think I Give A Fuck?*

So you had yourself a good cry
Over the fact you thought I lied
About liking you, you had no idea about him
He’s just a figment I couldn’t play if I tried.

So you cut us off for good
Been 8 years now and figured you should
Fuck me off cuz you won’t get fucked
Real mature, real punk rock.

So you forget how you first lied
About having a girlfriend in the back of your ride
“Yeah, but you’re smarter than her” you replied
Telling me softly: “I want to be inside.”

So you fucked it up really good here
Over the fact I forgot you were real
Sorry about that, it’s only email
Don’t act like you loved or feeled.

So now we’ve gone down in a blaze
All our conversations, exchange of brains
Good trick, buddy, to make a girl beg.
You think I give a fuck? You’re lame.

© Sylvie Hill 2013

Juan Carlos Noria "Blaze"

Art: dixon | Juan Carlos Noria ( –
“Blaze” — with Juan Carlos Noria.