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That’s right: hide that bald man’s eyes!
Prepare to take him away now:
He’s the culprit but don’t tell anyone his name.

You will know him from the trail of his women
The ones he rates as sevens
Unless they’ve got great tits, then it’s 8.9 and sometimes 11.

I’ve been annexed, taken over by conquest
By the man who likes science and Mars
Whose chest shot out bone and pains to the stars.

Like the song he sent: “My crimson liquid so frantically spilled
the ruby fluid of life unleashed,” lyrics said
Well, head bowed, are you currently dying The Death of Ivan Ilyich, yes?


Sylvie was annexed by Rhy…nchocephalia
Breed: tuatara – god of death and disaster
“M?ori women can’t eat them; but I’m Canadian,” Sylvie commented.

“No wonder I perished, while she lasted, eh?!”

(No wonder you knew it was a newt!)

I should have known you were tapu: sacred and restricted!
Mamma mana! Was there ever serious consequences
For crossing boundaries in London, England?

In this, I was attached to something more important
Serving as the brief 18-month wing addition to his building of sinew
wood, and supernatural: I was annexable.

Yes, amidst your bone, your wood, and supernatural
red passion and word violence, you left a mess
On this grey nightgown: I still haven’t washed it.

Shit’s blowing out your side like Ivan’s!
(My side still burns where you grabbed it.)
Is your third eye, blind?
For a man with such big bovine eyes of chocolate and stylish glasses
The bar is clouding your vision, yea?

Your carefree life is most simple and most ordinary
and therefore most terrible, maybe suggested Syndey
for you seem annexed by this world apart
ill fit, Ilyich
from the one you dream to live in.

© Sylvie Hill 2014
Art: dixon / “Annex” / 50×20 / spray paint and synthetic enamel on canvas / 2010