EDGY POETRY + ART FOR SALE: Buy Sylvie & Juan’s indie book, “Russell Square Station: mine the trash”

WE REACHED OUT TO OTTAWA AND GLOBALLY, and were rewarded with generous arts patrons who supported our Kickstarter crowd-funding contributions, and exceeded our ambitious $5,500 goal for POETRY and ART! We raised $6,233 to pay for the offset printing of my second book of poetry, but this time paired with Juan Carlos Noria (aka dixon) art, called Russell Square Station: mine the trash

Russell Square Station Russell Square Station

$29.99 BUY your copy at:

* Venus Envy (226 Bank Street North, Ottawa)
* Railbender Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery (3 Hamilton Avenue North, Ottawa)
* at dixonart.com
* Books on Beechwood (Ottawa)
* coming soon from Sylvie’s website

You can also buy the prequel, Hoxton Square Circles: starfucking tales of sexless one-night stands at Venus Envy.


The Book Launch was Friday the 13th of February, 2015 at Venus Envy in Ottawa. Here are some images!

Book Launch

Duo Muse books at Venus Envy View of Venus Envy

Sylvie reading "Russell Square Station: mine the trash"

Sylvie reading Russell Square Station: mine the trash Sylvie book launch

Sylvie explaining Sylvie laughing

You can listen to some of the poems here.


1/ Read about the book in Centretown News!

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3/ Read about us in FourCulture Magazine here!

4/ Here’s what the University of Ottawa’s Continuing Education Program has to say about Russell Square Station: mine the trash as a contribution to the topic of women who muse men:

uOttawa promo for book - Version 2


I’ve written a NEW book called Russell Square Station: mine the trash. It’s a rare and fated story of one Woman and her male Muse.

Reunited in London, UK after 13 years in an explosive mess, the only way out of the wreckage is through poetry paired with the art of Juan Carlos Noria (aka dixon).

We have raised $6,233 with Kickstarter, which covers the cost of printing and other costs. It’s a visual story in poetry.

The book is designed by street artist and fashion textile designer, Laura Fernandez (aka Olivia), from Barcelona. Designed and ready to print it, we want to get it into your hands, art galleries & independent book stores!

Front Cover - Russell Square Station Back Cover - Russell Square Station