POEM: “The Resonance” — He could explain the same moons

couple-chinatown- Lisbeth Firmin

The Resonance

“I’ve gotta dead guy’s knee in me”
he said about his fixed injury.
Why did they tear down the mansions?
I asked him on Sherbrooke Street.
“To make room this this”
as he pointed to the tall building.

“Isn’t it interesting that law and right
are pretty much the same word in French.
And if cars aren’t girls why is it UNE voiture?”
I had told him that girls were for ships
That cars had manly substance.

He could explain the same moons
As funny as you with your crass but effective tutorial.
This is not flashback, nor sentimentalizing, nor comparison.
It’s appreciation for being gifted
the resonance.

Sylvie Hill, Montreal, April 2019