Deep connections to pursue passions together but separately: why I loved the film, “Submergence”

This is what it looks like when two people, passionate about their individual missions, are about to part to go fulfill their purpose, which is dangerous and deadly …. but all about life-saving, and LIFE itself.

It’s a scene from a movie called “Submergence” on Netflix. Check it out. It’s glorious.

I’m a sucker for films about fierce connection where each as friends, or as new lovers, help the other in fulfilling their purpose. Where they don’t give up their passions for a relationship just yet – but they continue on, perhaps distracted but nonetheless in pursuit of the task.

There’s the movie, “Once,” which is a bit like that. “Snow Walker” as well. But this one goes deep – literally, into the underworlds of both our natural Earth, and into the underworld of Somalia and political/religious terrorism.

Each in their darkest moments – literally and figuratively – the the characters are able to call upon the other’s wisdom shared during the lighter moments. This wisdom keeps them alive.

I like how with the lady scientist, she will go to the very bottom of things, to the depths, face death – and rise. He will do the same. Something about being reborn through the deathly experience of pursuing some freakish compulsion to PROVE LIFE IS WORTH LIVING, and that it is rich and holy, resonates.

And that the two each dive to those depths of death to prove life is worth existing — is meaningful.

McAvoy is beautiful to look at it — nice to see a man’s thighs fill out his snug jeans. And those eyes. And, I always appreciate a woman with a small bust – and her unapologetic nerdiness is … inspiring.