FEEL: Love/Loss & the school of hard knocks … on (NaCoille Studio) reclaimed wood

Looking for Part I? Go here for Part II! And now, for the Journey Endeth…


The dining-room table is such a special place, isn’t it? It’s where we greet each other in the morning over breakfast half awake. Over lunch with a friend we haven’t seen in a while. Or through long dinners with wonderful friends and family with wine and food and desserts! It’s where we spread out papers or puzzles, make important decisions; it can be where we make up, or break up.

For me, dining-room tables have taught me a little about big love, loss and life. “How the hell can furniture do that?” you’re asking! Ah, I have a special story to tell. It’s going to start soon…

Over the next while, Matthew Wallace of Ottawa’s NaCoille Studio is going to salvage and transform dead wood to build me my very own, and very first, real-wood dining-room table. We’re going to document the whole process! Do you know where your table comes from? I will! From reclaiming the wood from somewhere, through process and the build to settling it in my home, you can follow this journey. You’ll see: sometimes a table, isn’t JUST a table.

NaCoille Studio takes the time to select the best reclaimed & salvaged wood locally from all over the Ottawa Valley and its surrounding areas. You can find them at Twitter @naCoille_Studio


I learned about NaCoille Studio through Ottawa’s Antique Skateboard Shop.

So, pull up a chair. Would you like to hear the story?

The journey starts now…